Captured on Film

Captured on Film by Clairissa SinClair: Damaris Kent and Peter Jensen are the perfect couple. She's an exhibitionist and he's a voyeur.  She's a submissive and he's a dominant.  Together, they're living their best life possible, travelling the world and celebrating their unconventional relationship.  When Peter takes his lady on a special romantic vacation to celebrate … Continue reading Captured on Film

Submit or Else

This week I've submitted ten different articles / stories for publication.  Two have been rejected, one has been tentatively accepted, and the other seven I probably will never hear about again.  I wrote a rough draft for a new article I want to submit but I'll have to see if I have time to get … Continue reading Submit or Else


I just submitted my 100 word blurb and 5000 word entry for a romance novel on  If you have a romance novel done (or near done), then check it out. I’ve had this novel done for a while.  I’ve been meaning to submit it to Harlequin but never gotten around to it.  Now I’ve … Continue reading Contest

Final Stretch

I'm on my last two days of time off.  It has been a good one.  I actually feel like I accomplished what I needed to and had down time.  Now I have to start acclimating myself to sleep hours  more conducive to working - i.e. going to bed before 2 am.We are getting rid of … Continue reading Final Stretch

Writing Week

Yesterday I got a lot of writing stuff done.  I finished a short story and  four essays.  I also got four essays submitted and three poems submitted.  This morning already I got one more essay submitted.  I did try to drown my laptop yesterday but fortunately Vicki and I were able to save it. I spilled a glass of water and … Continue reading Writing Week


There are a million articles out there that will tell you how to create a fabulous submission package.  You can read those and they might help with improving your package.  There is one thing you have to do in order to get your foot in the door.READ THE DIRECTIONSCarefully and thoroughly read the directions.  Follow … Continue reading Submissions