Utopia – Thirst: The Oasis Plague

5 Authors sharing their stories about the end of civilization and the new beginnings.

Thirst: The Oasis Plague Book 1

Rae Hendricks
Hunger. Prejudice. Chaos. They rule the world that is just now trying to rebuild. The year is 2254 and humans have ruined Earth…mostly. For almost a century, the survivors of this devastation have found ways to thrive below the ground in small cities, but it is time to begin the return to the surface. Chaos prevails on an Earth with no real law and order, but there is one place which people believe has become a haven of lingering technology and safety. When Brenna is tired of trying to save her newfound friends from her own people as they come onto the surface and usurp the safety and territory of the remaining surface tribes, she feels the only way out is to find this haven. But what sounds too good to be true often is. The problem is, leaving won’t be easy for her or for her heart.

The first in the Oasis Plague follows the journey of a post-apocalyptic outcast, trying to find a safe place for those she loves.

Fans of The 100 and Children of Eden will continue guessing who to trust in this twisted story of love, deception, and hatred.