Entitled? Really?

I’ve encountered a couple of people recently who seem to think they are entitled to certain things in life.  I know these people.  They weren’t raised to think this way – they were raised with the idea that you worked hard to get what you wanted in life.  Their attitude and their arrogance surprise me because I thought better of them.

Now before people jump in to say – oh the millenials – nope not that age group – older than me.  So definitely baby boomers.

What I want to know is how do you go from a life of – work hard to achieve to gimme.  I mean I know when I took my kids to the store and they started the gimme crap, I’d tell them anyone who did that didn’t get what they wanted.  These people were raised with the same common sense.

What changed them to move from having common sense to being completely clueless?  I don’t know but it is hard to have compassion for someone who has the attitude that life owes them everything.

Ironically, both people are not in good places in their lives.  Yes, they’ve worked hard.  I can’t judge their choices but one opted out of working for a number of years and can’t understand why she has so little of what she wants.  The other has pushed away everyone in their lives but now when they need help, they expect that helping hand to be right there.

I hate cliches but you reap what you sow comes to mind.  If you put nothing into something, you obviously will get nothing back.  If you work hard and put effort into things, you’ll hopefully get something back.  It’s still not guaranteed.

To the people who feel like they’re entitled to … well you fill in the blank, I say, GROW UP.  I feel like some tough love and a reality check are in need.