I Survived…

I survived the first week of faculty being back and a crazy schedule of meetings including two all day meetings.  It was good to see everyone back and to have a bit of a buzz and energy in our department.  However, I’m worn out from the hectic pace and high demand.

Refilling my tank this weekend is going to involve rest, sleep (if I can) and crocheting.  I’m in the mood to crochet.  So long as my arm doesn’t get too sore, I think I’ll work on projects.  I have a few going and a few I want to get done.  I like quick projects as they allow me to feel like I’m accomplishing things.

I’ve been making baskets and I want to try a couple more different things for patterns.  Then I will put them together into a group of patterns.  It has been fun to try out different techniques and see how they work.

There is a strange thing happening this weekend – I have no plans.  I know there are things I should or could be doing but at this point, I have NO plans.

I wrote last night for a bit.  It felt good to get a short story out of my head which had been bouncing around in there.  I worked on Wayfarer 11 for a bit but couldn’t settle into it and switched to the other story.  My intent was to just get the opening down as that was pounding at me.  Instead, I wrote the whole story before crashing for the night.  That’s just how it works sometimes.

Today I’m going to be lazy, keep my legs warm in the damp weather, and crochet.  If I make new patterns great.  If I fall back on old patterns, great.  I’ll do what I do and see what I get accomplished.  I have no agenda and I’m ignoring my to do list.  At least as of right now.  I’ll have to see what mischief I get up to and what I get done without looking at my to do list.