Under a New Sun

The Fall of Endurance Under a New Sun Book 1 by R.L. Blalock Genre: SciFi Adventure Publication Date: September 30, 2019 A starship’s sirens scream into the void. Can a highly trained protector fight for peace on an unfamiliar world? It’s elite soldier Laure’s duty to protect the last of humanity. Four hundred years after … Continue reading Under a New Sun

The Merculians

The Danger Dance The Merculians Book 1 by Caro Soles Genre: SciFi Adventure Life and death action and intrigue aboard a military space vessel! A startling command from the dreaded Praetan brings chaos into the tranquil lives of hermaphrodites Eulio and his lover Orosin. Using the tour of the Merculian National Dance Company where Eulio … Continue reading The Merculians

Cassa Series

CassaDawn CassaStar Series Prequel By Alex J Cavanaugh Genre: SciFi Adventure, Space Opera The prequel to the Amazon best-selling Cassa series! A pilot in training... Fighting the odds, Byron is determined to complete Cosbolt training and join the Cassan space fleet. Poised at the top of his class, only one situation holds him back–his inability … Continue reading Cassa Series


Godeena by Stjepan Varesevac-Cobets Genre: SciFi Adventure Major Henry Broncon miraculously survives a battle with Ansker soldiers on the planet Morad. He is found under a pile of corpses, the only survivor; his best friend and the whole of his brigade remain in the field of death. Broncon is fully acquitted, receives a medal for … Continue reading Godeena