Medical Crap

In May I had an upper respiratory and sinus infection.  I was a mess.  Going to the doctor was helpful and yet damn frustrating.  We disagreed on which antibiotic would be best.

Normally I stand up for myself and don’t back down.  I was sick.  I told the doctor if he gave me zpack I needed three rounds.  He told me if one round didn’t clear it – it was viral and I’d just have to wait for it to clear.

I get sinus infections all the time.  Up until last year when I had surgery, I got them several times a year.  I KNOW what works.  I’m allergic to tons of drugs and the world in general.  I KNOW what works for me.  But okay – it’s viral.

All summer I had sinus issues.  Not just allergy issues but yucky gross sinus infection issues.  If you’ve had one, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’ve not had one, you don’t want to know.

I had enough three weeks ago.  Called my GP (yup same doc from May) and got in.  Yup – you have a sinus infection.  I tell him the same thing.  He says – no I want to put you on a different drug – ciprio… something.  I say – is it on my list of ones I’m allergic to?  He said well if you can take Levaquin you can take this.  This isn’t necessarily true.  I argue big time with him.  I object and ask a lot of questions.  He’s firm.  He won’t do the Levaquin (which I’m probably spelling wrong).

I’m allergic to a lot of drugs including amoxicillin, penicillin, and a bunch of other ones.  Hell the zpack I can take I can only take the smaller dose.  The minute they put me on a stronger dose I have serious issues with it.  I don’t take new drugs until the weekend in order to have someone be around when I take them just in case and if I do have a reaction – I have a couple days to get over it.

So Monday I’m at the doctor and he prescribes this new drug.  Great – no relief for five fucking days.  If you’ve had a sinus infection….  So Saturday I take the new drug – no side effects – yeah.  But also no relief from the symptoms.  Even after taking it for a few days I get no relief.  I’m pissed at this point.  My head hurts so much to just touch my nose gently feels like I’m getting a fist slammed into my face.

I call my GP.  I tell him.  I ask him to please prescribe the Levaquin.  His answer – nope go to the ENT.  Well fuck you very much.  I’m in tears.  My head hurts so much I think it would be a relief if it exploded.  I call my ENT (who I adore – he did my surgery).  The woman on the desk says the earliest appointment is the following Monday (i.e. yesterday)  I go to my ENT.  He does his exam.  He says – you have a sinus infection.  Yup knew that.  I tell him what I’ve been through, he says the ciprio.. whatever isn’t good for chronic sinus infections – well fuck.  He gives me a prescription for Levaquin.

I’ve now had two doses and some of my symptoms are easing and I’m starting to feel better.  Now the thing that really pisses me off – I paid $55 in co-pays and whatever the three damn prescriptions cost.  Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees for me.  This should have been a $15 co-pay for the initial visit and then whatever the RIGHT prescription would have cost me.

It might be time for a new GP.  I’m not sure anyone else is any better but … damn it… it might be time to switch.