Chicken Soup or maybe Stone Soup?

Last night Kelly and Dominic came over and we made soup.  I started it with chopping up some fresh herbs.  Ken cubed the chicken, started rice and broccoli.  Kelly got out celery, carrots, and onions.  I chopped onions while Dominic chopped celery and carrots. 

Ken and Kelly fought over the stove and Kelly won.  She dumped the chicken in and after a bit added the onions and celery.  Then I told her what spices and how much (because according to her I’m controlling).  She manned the stove nicely. 

It all came together beautifully.  We sat at the table combining the three in whatever way we wanted with Ken avoiding the broccoli.  The soup was scrumptious.  The working together was wonderful.  The conversation was sometimes bawdy and always interesting. 

We had good food and a good time and that is what life is about I think.  The best compliment though came from Vicki.  Her stomach has been bothering her for a few days now and she said that it was the first meal that hadn’t bothered her. 

Mission accomplished!