A Journey Home

My mother passed away on October 12.  It's been a difficult two weeks with her being ill and then dying.  My family and I have worked through her funeral and working on her estate.  I've been so busy, I've not had time to get to grieving.I've been touchy.  The littlest thing will either make me … Continue reading A Journey Home

Summer Slipping Away

This summer I have a long list of writing projects to get done.  I have not worked on them at all.  I submitted one article for a contest but aside from that nothing.  I need to get focused.  It just seems like there is so much going on I have no time to consider my … Continue reading Summer Slipping Away

Chicken Soup or maybe Stone Soup?

Last night Kelly and Dominic came over and we made soup.  I started it with chopping up some fresh herbs.  Ken cubed the chicken, started rice and broccoli.  Kelly got out celery, carrots, and onions.  I chopped onions while Dominic chopped celery and carrots.  Ken and Kelly fought over the stove and Kelly won.  She … Continue reading Chicken Soup or maybe Stone Soup?

Balance of Sorts

Yesterday was a good day.  I did some homework in the morning.  I spent time with a friend in the afternoon.  I spent time with family in the evening.  I wrote at night.  It was a full but good day.Up at the crack of dawn (okay well really about 8) and sat at my computer played … Continue reading Balance of Sorts


After a week of overtime and chaos with fifty balls in the air, I took yesterday and did NOTHING.  It was so relaxing to play on the computer and hang out with Ken, Vicki, and Beth.  We did only one thing productive and that was rent a car for our trip to Georgia. I think … Continue reading Bumness

Long Weekend

I'm halfway through my weekend today.  Yesterday I ran errands with my daughter.  It was a normal pay week Saturday with grocery shopping and other errands.  Visited the Doc on Thursday and have another bottle of pain killers.  I'll see how well they work.  I'm not holding my breath though.  I've not taken any yet … Continue reading Long Weekend