End of the Week

Spring break is next week.  The past two weeks at my day job have been rough with the hectic pace of summer registration and advising going on.  This week in particular has felt like it was two weeks rolled into one.  I work most of next week and it should be nice and quiet at work.

Our weekends have been jam packed with stuff too.  We’ve either been doing things or we’ve been running errands.  This means I don’t feel rested when I get back to work.  I’m hoping this weekend will be different.

I have a list – as always – of things I want to get done.  I’ve already crossed off the paying bills, submitting to publications, and a couple of other small things.  Next will be making a grocery list, doing coupons, and prepping for the grocery store.  I think I’ll ask Ken if he wants to do the shopping on his own.

If he does, I will take tomorrow to work on publishing three crochet projects and editing Wayfarer 10.  If I can get all that done and still have energy to work at the computer, I will try to do some more submissions.  There are a couple of projects I want to work on as well so I’ll see what Ken wants to do and how I can help.

I took Monday off work and I’ll be hanging out at home alone.  I’m looking forward to not setting an alarm for the next three days.  I’ll have to I suppose so I don’t sleep too late but in theory no alarms.  I’m glad it’s Friday and I have three days to do what I want to do with no commitments to anyone other than Ken.

Spring Break

The last couple of weeks have been busy with school.  It is now spring break.  Friday at work was very quiet and I was able to clear my desk and organize my tasks.  I made a list – of course – and got several things crossed off that list because it was so quiet. 
Next week I’m working two days and taking the other three off but that doesn’t mean I’m doing anything fun.  I have a long list of homework I need to get done including three chapters of science and a paper to write. 
I’m at that stage – I think most students and teachers are too – where I’m ready to be done with classes.  I have another six weeks but I’m just ready to be done with the classes and move on to the next set.  Part of my antsyness is that I only have two more classes to take. 
There is no week-long party for me over spring break.  I’m taking this weekend to relax and get some crocheting done.  I’m working and doing homework during the work week.  Then next weekend I’m working on more crocheting projects.  I have three graduation gifts to get finished.  After those are done – I have a few other projects I want to get done as well. 
I’ll also be taking a day to go to the orthopedic doctor to see about goo in my knees again.  They have really been bothering me so it is time to see what can be done in order to reduce the pain I’m in.  We also bought a new bed in the hopes that it will help both of us sleep better.  Our old bed was old and broken so we went out and got a new box spring and mattress.  Tonight will be the first night we sleep on it and I’m hoping for a really good night’s sleep.

One More Work Day!

Tomorrow is my last work day for a week.  Every morning I’ve woken up and said the number of days left until I am done for Spring Break and my vacation.  I’m looking forward to my vacation.  I was hoping for some serious writing time but sadly I think I’m going to be doing a lot of homework during my vacation. 

At work tomorrow I have a long laundry list of things to get done.  Hopefully I will clear off my desk of most of them.  I’m not holding my breath though.  I’m supposed to have two student workers and hopefully they both come in.  However, it is the Friday before spring break so I’m not sure who will be in and who won’t be.
Once I’m done tomorrow, my top priority will be to finish off the transcribing for my client.  I’m looking forward to finishing this job and getting paid.  I still haven’t heard anything on the other job I sent out a quote on.  I did a follow up email asking if they had any questions and got a bit of a sharp answer back.  My guess is the person is swamped and just hasn’t had time to work through it with the higher ups.
After I get the business out of the way, I have a long list of homework for both my classes.  I have reading and writing to do for both.  My Book Editing professor put the final assignment out for us to start on.  I’m quite excited about it.  I will get to do a presentation for my book.  I’ve been working on refining the proposal and even the manuscript which I thought was done but obviously it isn’t. 
Since I have both reading and writing to do for these classes it will give me the chance to spend time with my feet up so maybe my knees and ankles will stop hurting.  My list of homework is long and involved.  I’m hoping to get through a good chunk of it.
In addition to those two long lists of things to do while I’m on vacation I have a crafting list, genealogy list, and a writing list.  I need a longer vacation!