The turkey was barely cold before the shopping frenzy started this year.  Vicki actually talked me into going to an insane number of stores. The nice thing - we used coupons to save money.  We used our apps - Ibotta and Checkout 51 - to save money.  While we did some spending, we reduced the … Continue reading Holidays


Everywhere I'm seeing how we need to be grateful and thankful.  It's that time of year with the US celebrating Thanksgiving.  I saw an article where some celeb gave away 1000 turkeys for the holiday - my first thought was where was this celeb the rest of the year since poor people need food year … Continue reading Gratitude

Thanksgiving… a lot to be thankful for…

This Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for.  My daughters are healthy.  Two of them are buying their first house. The weekend went as planned to a point.  We drove to Vicki's in Indiana on Wednesday night.  I was disappointed Virginia and Stephanie couldn't get time off to come up but understand that … Continue reading Thanksgiving… a lot to be thankful for…

Done – almost….

Thanksgiving was wonderful with my daughters, nephew and husband.  We had a good time being together, shopping at a craft store, playing games, watching tv.  Nothing spectacular or extravagant went on but we had a good time just being together.However, this week has been hell for me.  It is no one’s fault, work hasn’t been … Continue reading Done – almost….

Very Tired… But Got a Lot Done

I got a lot done this weekend.  Formal project for class, presents crocheted, finish edits for romance novel, family gathering, movie, all done.  I’m sure there are other things I did but I am too tired to remember.  It was a weekend of late nights and lots of work being put in.The good thing – … Continue reading Very Tired… But Got a Lot Done