Midsummer – Longest Day of the Year

Yesterday was the longest day of the year.  This is a day of celebrating the movement of the sun and the life it gives us.  For Ken and I it was about getting stuff done.
Ken worked is so hard yesterday that his t-shirt was drenched every time he came in the house.  He has been working on the yard and wood splitting.  He was very productive. 
In a different way, I was productive as well.  I worked up eleven cover samples which I have to narrow down to just one.  Suzanne and Vicki have made it difficult by providing me with some beautiful photos. 
I also started the next afghan.  As is normal for me, when I’m done with a long and time consuming project, I like to do a quicker pattern for the next one.  I am using a larger hook and a larger pattern so I can maximize the yarn I’m using and minimize the amount of time I’m spending on it.  At this point I’m about a third done with it. 
Today is all about the business of writing so far.  I’ve been downloading reports and setting up a spreadsheet to track information.  It has been about gathering the information I need to keep track of what I’m making and also about expenses. 
Plus I talked to Suzanne and Vicki about the covers they preferred.  They really helped me narrow down the number of covers as well as critiqued one where we liked the picture but not the other elements.  The two of them help me clarify my vision for the book and how the cover will represent the thoughts within the book.
Once I’m done with all the business side of writing today, I’ll be going back to crocheting on the afghan I’ve got started.  I’m hoping to get it mostly done today as quick as it was working up.  If I could finish it this week, I would only have two left to do.  
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