Lifeliners by Stefan Vucak Genre: Science Fiction When everybody is against them, it is tough being a lifeliner, as Nash Bannon found out. Lifeliners are ordinary people…almost. They can draw energy from another person; they live longer and are smarter. Scientists claim that Western high-pressure living and growing sterility in developed countries has triggered the … Continue reading Lifeliners

Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynn and I connected through social media. Author Bio I have a strong belief that when something of value is broken- a person, a keepsake, or a relationship- you don’t throw it away, you fix it! Whether the thing in need of repair is a character trait, an attitude, an heirloom, or a marriage- … Continue reading Jessica Lynne

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

While the saying “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” is one I’ve heard numerous times, it is also one that most people don’t pay attention to.  The cover draws the reader in.  If the cover catches your eye amongst all the other books on the shelf (or on the web page) and gets you … Continue reading Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Midsummer – Longest Day of the Year

Yesterday was the longest day of the year.  This is a day of celebrating the movement of the sun and the life it gives us.  For Ken and I it was about getting stuff done.Ken worked is so hard yesterday that his t-shirt was drenched every time he came in the house.  He has been … Continue reading Midsummer – Longest Day of the Year

It Is Done

This morning at 2:15 I finished the afghan!  After work, I had a headache so came home to a dark room.  It felt good to just have quiet and dark.  I was a bit annoyed because I thought I wouldn't be able to work on the afghan.   However, after supper my head felt better so … Continue reading It Is Done