Last night I went to a friends to read her and her daughter’s tarot cards.  We always have a good time while we do this.  We talk, read tarot, and just enjoy being together. 

It’s been nearly a year since I read tarot for myself so I also did a reading for myself last night.  I was a little suprised by my reading.  It told me things I’ve been pondering.  All three readings we did last night were spot on.

The interesting thing for me is that I’ve been reading tarot for a while now and the cards are always spot on.  My friend had a specific question.  It answered that question loud and clear.  I’m not saying it said – pick these numbers for lottery or anything that specific. 

For my reading, I had a lot of major arcana.  This is not unusual for me but at the same time there were some cards I don’t normally get.  It gave me a couple of clues as to directions and stage that I need to work on.  Some of them I was contemplating and some not.  It was a good reading.

I do a Celtic Cross layout which is ten cards.  Sometimes I’ll draw an extra card or two because they jump out at me (or the person I’m reading for).  Mostly I just like the completeness of this layout.  It is fairly easy to see how the layout relates to each other and you can draw parrallels and see conflicts within the reading. 

I still don’t have the meaning of the cards memorized.  When I read regularly they sort of stick in my head but otherwise I look at my book and the answers are right there.  One other thing, when I read for myself I almost always get a word or two that comes to mind for a card when I turn it over.  I try to keep those words in mind as I’m analyzing my spread because sometimes they are in conflict with the meaning of the card.  Last night I got a specific word on nearly all my cards.  When we read out the meanings – they were spot on with the words. 

This is an area I guess I need to do more often.  I’ve been thinking about developing my own spread (it probably is already out there but…)  I have an idea for one and I need to try it out to see how well it plays out.  I should probably also look in my book of layouts to see if there is already something similar to go with it.

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