Writing Week

Yesterday I got a lot of writing stuff done.  I finished a short story and  four essays.  I also got four essays submitted and three poems submitted.  This morning already I got one more essay submitted.  I did try to drown my laptop yesterday but fortunately Vicki and I were able to save it. 

I spilled a glass of water and got a flood around my computer.  Fortunately, I had a towel handy to stop the flood from reaching the huge pile of papers on my desk.  For the computer, we tipped it up so all the water ran out.  

It was a relaxing day as I got so much stuff done for writing and I also got to spend some time with Vicki.  We watched the DVR stuff and hung out a bit.

Today I’m working on writing again.  I’ve gotten stuff organized this morning.  I’m going to work on getting more items submitted and revising a short story or two.  I’m looking forward to having the time to do as I please.  Vacations are definitely a good thing.

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