The Bookshop

Simone Francis  The Bookshop

It’s 1908 and Amelia Slone is bored until her friend Frances disappears. The bookshop and the haughty, arrogant Prussian Konrad von Schellenberg are her only clues. Determined to find her friend her search leads her into a world of sexual submission, kidnapping and murder that hides just below the surface of Edwardian London.

Desperate to find her friend it seems romance will have to wait or will her new passions help her find love as well?

7 thoughts on “The Bookshop

  1. Sounds like a great erotic romance, and the Edwardian setting is so interesting. I love historical romance.

  2. I am in awe of any author who can pull off historical fiction. The research involved must be daunting. I look forward to reading this book. The cover drew me in. Congrats, Simone Francis!

  3. I like the title… who would have thought a bookshop could be sexy.
    I have so many books to read, but this one is going to be at the top.

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