The Perfect Sunday

Today is the last day of vacation for me and I wanted it to be relaxing.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted it to be mellow. 

The hardest part of my day was answering all the phone calls and text messages I was getting.  It is funny how when you are into what you are doing everyone seems to want to talk to you.  My day was PERFECT.  Ken, Vicki and I sat in the living room listening to music with each of us reading.  We each had our kindle and were involved in our different books.  I spent the entire day (nearly) reading a really funny, good, sexy, tear jerking, romance novel. 

I answered phone calls, texts, and handled other interruptions.  At one point I turned to Vicki and asked at what percentage did the 100 page rule apply.  For those who don’t have this rule it says that if you have less than 100 pages left to read in a book unless there is a catastrophe going on you don’t bug the person reading.  She said it was at 75% so I’m going with that. 

Nothing exciting happened.  Nothing dramatic happened.  The music was on the tv and we all had our kindles.  We lopped in our chairs and on the couch to read with each other.  Who knew that reading could be a group event?

It was definitely a great lazy Sunday and the perfect ending to a really good vacation.

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