Easy Sunday

Sunday I spent with Ken.  We watched movies and did very little else.  He picked me up some rope so I could try out a crochet technique, which I started last night.  It wasn’t the right size for the project I want to do but it gives me an idea of whether I will like the technique.

In the morning, I made microwave caramel which turned out pretty good.  I think I want to tweak the recipe a bit.  I also got coleslaw ready for lunches this week.  Ken made chicken on the grill for me and brats for him.  I had mine with munster cheese and canadian bacon.  It was quite good.

For supper, we had tacos.  Mine were grilled chicken and his were left over ground turkey.  It was quite good.  I wrote a scene in Wayfarer 10 and knew I wasn’t going to write more. I needed to do something different.  I worked with the rope to see how it would work up with this technique.

There was nothing big done but it was a good day.  We got a few smaller things done and enjoyed each other’s company.  One of those quiet and easy Sundays.

The Perfect Sunday

Today is the last day of vacation for me and I wanted it to be relaxing.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted it to be mellow. 

The hardest part of my day was answering all the phone calls and text messages I was getting.  It is funny how when you are into what you are doing everyone seems to want to talk to you.  My day was PERFECT.  Ken, Vicki and I sat in the living room listening to music with each of us reading.  We each had our kindle and were involved in our different books.  I spent the entire day (nearly) reading a really funny, good, sexy, tear jerking, romance novel. 

I answered phone calls, texts, and handled other interruptions.  At one point I turned to Vicki and asked at what percentage did the 100 page rule apply.  For those who don’t have this rule it says that if you have less than 100 pages left to read in a book unless there is a catastrophe going on you don’t bug the person reading.  She said it was at 75% so I’m going with that. 

Nothing exciting happened.  Nothing dramatic happened.  The music was on the tv and we all had our kindles.  We lopped in our chairs and on the couch to read with each other.  Who knew that reading could be a group event?

It was definitely a great lazy Sunday and the perfect ending to a really good vacation.

A Good Weekend

Saturday was spent doing errands, placing orders, and getting things checked off my list.  When I went to bed on Saturday night I felt like I’d accomplished a number of good things. 
Sunday I was slow to get out of bed.  I just wanted to laze in bed.  When I did finally drag my sorry bum out of bed, I showered and sat at my computer doing non-thinking things like playing on Facebook.
After a while, I went to the kitchen and cut up melons and prepped things for lunch (hadn’t had breakfast but hey it was Sunday).  The rest of the day I spent watching DVDs or DVR programs.  I crocheted a bit – the afghan is coming along nicely.  It’s about half done I think.  I spent time with Ken and Vicki.  At some point I felt a bit slug like but decided that was what Sundays are for. 
The only thing I didn’t really get to this weekend is writing.  I’m hoping that with six days off this next weekend I’ll be able to get a good bit of writing done. 
Somehow I managed to get a lot of stuff done this weekend and still feel like I got a weekend.  This is a good thing because it allows me to go back to work rejuvenated and refreshed – at least till I get to work and realize all the stuff on my desk…

Just another Sunday…

Well my morning has been interesting.  I’ve not accomplished a lot.  I was rudely woken up by my daughter complaining about my husband.  She made up for it nicely by making breakfast.  Then they went off to Walmart and I was going to take a shower but they kept bugging me with calls.  So I waited till they were home. 

I worked on some insurance stuff – gotta love insurance.  I have to send in my receipts for over the counter drugs now with a prescription from my doctor to get reimbursed for them.  Now don’t think I’m getting paid – this is money that is deducted from my pay check for this purpose.  I used to be able to go to the pharmacy and buy what was needed using the card from the insurance company.  Now however I have to buy it, save the receipt, have a prescription from my doctor.  When I have all of that I get to mail, fax, or email it in to the insurance company so they can reimburse me.  I don’t think anyone is happy about the process.  I know the insurance company wasn’t when I called to talk to them about it.

Now that I have that stuff done, I have to figure out something for lunch.  After lunch who knows what mischief I’ll get up to.  Maybe I’ll take a nap.  Maybe I’ll work on genealogy.  Maybe I’ll write.  Such wildness on my part I know.  This is just another Sunday though and thankfully I think it will be a quiet one.