Three Day Weekend!!!

Three days off in a row!  This means I get to enjoy the weekend right?  Nope.  Tomorrow is errand day as it is pay week.  Now mostly I just do the driving and Vicki runs the errands but still it takes time.  I also have my second round of shots tomorrow.  This is good and not so good.  Hurts like the dickens but helps so much it is worth the pain.
I have to say that I had my first shot last Friday and I’m already noticing an improvement.  This is a huge encouragement to going forward with the next two shots.  My knees haven’t locked up at night once this past week.  They still hurt and the weather still bothers them a lot but I can SLEEP without pain. 
After the shots I’ll be pretty much recliner bound.  I am hoping to talk the hubby into doing a rotisserie chicken on Saturday.  That will be really nice because we can have one meal on the whole bird fresh off the grill and a second meal off the left over chicken in a wrap or quesadilla. 
I have 45 pages left in a manuscript to edit.  After I get the changes in the computer I want to see how large it is.  I want to pair it down a lot so the next step is to look at each chapter and determine how vital it is to the entire story.  This is where I am bad because I want to tell a well-rounded story and everything seems vital.  I’m going to have to shift my mindset though and work hard at it. 
There is a point in this particular story that I really like the book but there are parts in the beginning that I just think are rough – even though I’ve edited it LOTS.  That is where my red pen will be used a LOT (well okay it is a pink pen but still…)
Vicki mentioned something about baking this weekend and wanting help.  I keep telling her I don’t know how to bake but she doesn’t believe me.  I guess I’ll help her with the baking.  I think my faculty will be the ones benefiting from it.
Seems like a full weekend.  I wonder if it will all get done….

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