Weekend Away From Home

Ken and I spent the weekend with Vicki.  She and I went to Painting with a Twist on Friday night and did a moon picture.  Saturday, Vicki talked Ken into going and he had a good time.  We did a sunflower picture. We watched the three original Star Wars movies and the three Back to … Continue reading Weekend Away From Home

Shots done… and other random news

For the last three weeks I've been getting shots of goo in my knees and yesterday was my last shot.  Now I just have to go back for a final check up.  I've noticed a decrease of pain in my knees though I still have pain and problems but it is a decided improvement.Last weekend … Continue reading Shots done… and other random news

Three Day Weekend!!!

Three days off in a row!  This means I get to enjoy the weekend right?  Nope.  Tomorrow is errand day as it is pay week.  Now mostly I just do the driving and Vicki runs the errands but still it takes time.  I also have my second round of shots tomorrow.  This is good and … Continue reading Three Day Weekend!!!

Shots …

Today I got shots in my knees.  This is goo that goes in to help cushion the joint in an effort to replace the fluid that the arthritis has gotten rid of.  This is a three week treatment to help reduce the amount of pain I’m in.It was painful getting the needle shoved into my … Continue reading Shots …