Upstairs Bathroom Remodel part 2

Friday the plumbers left and we were left with a pan as I showed in part 1. Yesterday, Ken got the green board up. He also mudded and painted part of the bathroom. While he worked on that Vicki and I worked on processing tomatoes.

Today we spent time processing tomatoes. We sorted 100 pounds of tomatoes to process for sauce and diced. Today we got the sauce done. While we did that Ken worked on the bathroom again.

Ken got the membrane up. Now that has to dry thoroughly for 24 hours. While he was doing part of the tomatoes, Vicki took time and painted the bathroom. Now Vicki is short and she forgot to bring up her step stool from the basement. So she got what she could reach. Oh and no paint on the cat so that’s a bonus. A second coat will have to be done but the new color is beautiful.

We’re all really tired after a long day of work. Thankfully Vicki did a slow cooker meal. Chicken and dumplings which I typically don’t like but it was delicious. I loved the bread / dumpling that was on top of it.

Tomorrow – tile!!! Vicki and Ken will work on the tiles in the afternoon after the 24 hour period for the membrane stuff to dry. In the morning, we will work on canning diced tomatoes. It will be a long day of working again. However, the tiles should go up tomorrow. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

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