Vortex of Desire – Talitha

Vortex of Desire is Black Velvet Seductions’ latest Sci-fi Romance Anthology. It contains an amazing group of authors who journey beyond space and time to prove love has no boundaries. Join us as we venture into perilous worlds and explore hidden desires which lie beyond the wormhole; or discover a torrent of adventures here on earth and experience love that will not be denied. Whether it’s a trek through the stars or an escape into new realities close to home, Vortex of Desire has something for everyone: mystery, humor, sweet to spicy romances, adventure and suspense. These diverse writers will transport you to new realms and introduce you to intriguing life forms, aliens, exotic creatures, mad scientists, and monsters. Buckle up and get ready to experience the twists and turns of Vortex of Desire. We hope you enjoy the voyage.


Virginia Wallace

Near the end of the eighteenth century, a ship’s captain named Robert Walton penned a series of letters to his sister. Through those letters, he told the grisly tale of an evil scientist who chose to play God—Victor Frankenstein,the fiend who created a monster.

It is anyone’s guess as to how the mewling novelist Mary Shelley came to be in possession of these letters, but she nevertheless published them as her own ‘fiction.’ In so doing, she inadvertently destroyed the life of one Agatha DeLacey.

Now Agatha is sailing the high seas, safely hidden behind the pseudonym ‘Talitha de Morte.’ Only once did she ever encounter Frankenstein’s monster, but that encounter left her forever scarred. Should she ever meet him again, well … she carries a dagger strapped to her thigh, ready, and waiting. Creating a future—or finding love—in such a state of perpetual wariness seems almost impossible.

Almost …


Frankenstein’s monster chased her to the very ends of the earth …

5 thoughts on “Vortex of Desire – Talitha

  1. Love this story. I reads so well. Virginia od a very talented writer and Eileen’s blog post is a great review of this story. I can’t wait for this book to come out

  2. Like of all Virginia’s stories, Talitha is well written and engaging from the first page to the last. Can’t wait to read all of the stories in this anthology.

  3. Thank y’all for the kind remarks! I’ve never taken so long to submit a short before … but then, this one wasn’t written in my writing style. To the best of my ability, I tried to re-create Mary Shelley’s. Here’s hoping the readers get it! *fingers crossed*

  4. Being a huge fan of the original Frankenstein, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this. Talitha is a great ‘sequel’ with a fantastic storyline and delivered well. A highly recommended read.

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