Wayfarer Aegis Audio

Wayfarer Aegis is a short story prequel to Adara and Decker’s love story. It tells the reader what happened to her on her assignment on the deep space explorer vessel which ended with over 300 dead. It’s been out for quite some time but I recently had it made into an audio book!

Lilly Canon is the artist who read my story. She nailed the characters and Adara especially. She was easy to work with and helpful. Her producer, Kyle, helped me so much it made the whole process super easy. They are a dream team!!


Adara Stone – pilot for the Interstellar Planets Union services.

She’s half Wayfarer and half human and Captain James’ last choice as a pilot.  Excited for her first long contract and explorer class ship, Adara knows she’ll spend seven years flying a ship in unknown space. She can’t wait to see what’s out there. 

By the book, Captain Alden James does not want anyone varying from his flight plan.  He quickly loses patience with Adara breaking protocol. 

Adara craves a family but finds only recrimination and punishment.  She taps into the skills dismissed by her captain and the services in order to be the best pilot she can be.  When Fate intervenes, will her Wayfarer skills be enough? 

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