Wayfarer on sale!!!

Wayfarer – the start of the series is on sale now for just 99 cents!  Go out today and purchase it from Amazon or Smashwords.


Adara Stone youngest pilot in the Interstellar Planets Union survived one ship’s destruction only to be treated like a jinx.  Being half human and half Wayfarer, she’s always been set apart.  Captain Decker Flannery thinks she’s too young, too solitary and too sexy to be on his hsip.  He needs a third pilot so he has no choice but to hire her.  He knows he’s just hired trouble.

The first of five in the series – Wayfarer starts the adventures of Adara and Decker.  Get the first installment for only 99 cents right now.  Just follow one of the links above.

If you like the first installment, check out the others Wayfarer Clans, Wayfarer Immemorial, Wayfarer Negotiator, and Wayfarer Wedding.  


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