Weekend Tasks

Last weekend was insanely busy in the best of ways.  This weekend is just around the corner and I’m hoping to catch up on a few tasks. 

I still need to pay bills and do some of the book work for my writing.  In addition to that, I’d like to publish some more crochet patterns.  I have a few which are ready to go.  Plus I want to look to see how close I am with a couple of other ones. 

Last night it was 80 in my house.  Now my husband doesn’t like to turn on the air conditioning.  He thinks it is comfortable at 80.  I hate it.  I sweat, get a headache and generally my grumpy level elevates.  On top of which I can’t do anything.  It bugged me to just sit and read.  I gave in and turned the a/c on about 10:30 last night and the inside temp was still at 79. 

I have an afghan to work on.  The a/c needs to be on for that reason alone.  I do better at a constant temperature.  I have fewer health issues if the temp is a steady 73.  I know it is probably not as energy efficient as say 68 but it is the temp where I’m not uncomfortable or sore all the time.

We go visit the girls in Atlanta at the end of the month.  I need to finish Virginia’s afghan so I can take it to her at that time.  I don’t want to ship it to her as I don’t trust the post office or UPS.  This means I’ll be working on it this weekend. 

I’ve also fit in an hour or so of writing here and there.  I’ve got a story that is tugging at me that I want to work on.  I’m battling with time management.  I want to read, crochet, and write.  I can read and crochet at the same time but I can’t write with the other two.  It is definitely a challenge for me.

I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like but I’m also hoping for a little deck time.  It would be good to sit on the deck and write in my journal or have a meal out there.  It just depends on the weather. 

The weekend is coming and hopefully it will be calmer, quieter, and less eventful – though I’m sure this will me less fun without my girls around. 

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