What to work on first?

Project are swarming me.  I have one more I want to finish for submitting for publication.  I have three graduation gifts to finish and then I have to turn back to the blankets I am working on for my niece and great nephew. 

From there I have a mental list of things I want to get done.  At the same time, Vicki has a hoard of yarn she wants me to work with and create things for her.  I have a couple of ideas in my head for some of the yarn in my living room.  I know what I want to do – I just have to make the time to do. 

I’m always amused with myself when I look at yarn and think – oooo this is what I want to do.  The trick will be in making what I see in my head actually turn out with my crochet hook. 

We are going to a paint night this month which will be fun but it will also make me want to paint more.  I love playing with the colors.  I’m not as good with paint as I am with yarn.  Nowhere near the quality but there’s something about painting that takes me to a different place. 

I’m feeling guilty because I’ve started reading my Wayfarer series and just want to finish it but I really should be crocheting.  I only have five books left in the published series but I do need to publish the next one.  So many steps involved in that but I want to try to get it out this month. 

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