Work Day

Today, I went to the retreat for all the assistants in our area. It was a good day. A few meetings in the morning and team building in the afternoon. It went well and was fun.

Unfortunately for me, I sat on folding chairs – comfortableish ones – all day. This didn’t do my sore back or my joints any good.

Heating pad has helped and I’ll take some tylenol to help. I did get to write for a bit and managed to get a little over 2000 words in my story. I laughed because this was supposed to be sexy and sassy with not a lot of plot. Basically, the sea monster saying hey you’re my mate. But the more I wrote, the more the characters surprised me. Apparently I’m building a world of sea monsters.

The story has taken a different turn than I expected. I’m at a little over 15K for words. I’ve got two plots in my head which I think I’ll be weaving around each other. I’m looking forward to where the characters take me.

Tomorrow, I have a list. I’ll attempt to finish it and then work on Saturday’s list because Saturday we’re likely to be canning. Vicki ordered cucumbers from our favorite vendor at the farmer’s market. We might also have zucchini and tomatoes to process. I hope we get more beets but we’ll see. No matter what, she’s going to the farmer’s market in the morning and we’ll work on canning the rest of the day. So my planned tasks need to get done before she gets back from the farmers’ market.

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