Writing, Crocheting, Napping

Here it is Saturday morning and I should be productive.  Yesterday I came home tired and grumpy.  After paying bills, I curled up in the recliner and took a nap.  Ken and I watched Babylon 5 and had pizza for supper.

I should have worked on all the writing stuff I have on my list or some of the crocheting stuff I have on my list.  I didn’t.  By 8:00 last night I was in my jammies and crashing.  I talked to all three of my girls yesterday – always a good thing.  After that I crashed for the night.

Normally I wouldn’t go to bed this early because after about four hours I’m up and can’t sleep.  It throws my sleep pattern off.  However, last night I crashed.  I woke up three or four times throughout the night but I “slept” for about eleven or twelve hours sort of.  I haven’t done this in ages.

This morning I’m working on book work for the writing, matching payments with sales.  Several people have asked if I’m coming out ahead, the answer is no, not yet.  My expenses still outweigh my income but I know this is a long term thing not a short term thing.

I have nine books out and am hoping to get another out this weekend.  That will be my next project.  I have a little bit of editing to do, checking things out, adding in front and back material.  Then I will do production.  Shockingly I have the cover already done and am hoping to get through all the production steps so I can go ahead and publish today or tomorrow.

Once I’m done with this book, I’ll be working on edits for the next manuscript and writing for the several stories I have running right now.  I feel this week has been unproductive for me.  I’ve written only a little and edited only a little.  I’ve done a little crocheting.

One thing I have noticed this week and I’m reminded of it as I look at the trees outside my window.  It is fall and the leaves are gorgeous.  It is my favorite time of year, the trees are gold, orange, red, green and it feels so good.  Even though it is a gray day outside, I see all the flame colors out my window and know it will be a good day whatever I end up doing.

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