Yes, I do more than just crochet… sometimes….

Yesterday sucked for pain but today is better fortunately.  I can at least close my hands today.  I’ve created a new pattern for a dish towel I like.  I have also found a basket pattern I really like.  Now all I have to do is have my hands able to crochet. 

Friday I go see John Edward.  He is a psychic who I’ve followed for at least ten years.  I’ve enjoyed his television shows and his newsletters.  I splurged and spent a lot of money on a ticket to go see him while he is in Milwaukee.  It will be interesting to see him speak in person and see if I get a reading of any sort.

Aside from that, this weekend will be about prepping for the girls to come home for my niece’s reception.  I am hoping to progress further on Virginia’s afghan.  Her yarn is such that I have to keep tight tension on it while I work.  This is tough on my hands which is why I’ve not been working on it.  I’m hoping to make progress this weekend. 

Work is finally settling back in to the normal chaos with registration issues calming.  It’s nice to go in and be able to get other things done instead of just troubleshooting registration issues for nine hours a day. 

Now I can turn my attention to Virginia’s afghan and two novels I’m working on.  I was hoping to have her afghan done by next week but unless I get very lucky, I don’t see that happening.  My backup plan is to have it done by the time we go visit them.  That way, I can take it to her and not worry about shipping it.  I’m in love with the material and the pattern.  It will be gorgeous when it’s done.  This weekend I’m going to listen to an audio book and focus on getting it done even if it means I have to soak my hands in hot water to loosen them up. 

I’m also hoping the weather is nice enough I can wander onto my deck and enjoy our backyard a bit.  I’d love to take some crocheting or even my journal out there to just sit and enjoy the quiet.  Hopefully it’s quiet, our neighbors just put in a trampeline so I guess it depends on whether they are out there as well. 

This spring has been cool in Wisconsin.  We’ve had a couple of days that are nicer but this week we’re having mid 50s and the nights are in the 30s.  While not uncommon for April, it is playing havoc on my arthritis especially when we have precipitation go through. 

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