Spiritual Kick in the Bum

John Edward was in Milwaukee on Friday.  He is a medium and I watched his show for years.  I’m a skeptic.  I believe there are people who have a higher level of connection with spirits (or maybe they just don’t have enough walls).  However, before I’m willing to pay or believe, they have to validate that they are connecting to people I know.

With a friend, I drove in Friday and waited in line, waited in the room.  It is interesting to watch people and listen to them but there were a lot of people in the room which always sets my nerves on edge.  This was expensive and hard for me to spend the money on me.

He came on the makeshift stage and spoke.  He was sarcastic, funny, and spiritual.  I enjoyed his explanation of how things work.  I didn’t get a reading which made me a little sad but at the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

He read the people in front of us and the people behind us.  As soon as he said the name George, I thought for certain I’d be getting a reading (lots of them in my family) but it wasn’t for me.  Yet in a way, it was.  Throughout the evening, I was moved to tears and laughter.  I enjoyed the evening and hardly noticed the time passing.

At one point, he made a statement about how connecting with the energy was something you had to work out with.  It was something you had to practice and focus on.  This hit home for me.  I get so wrapped up in writing, crocheting, work, and life that I forget to embrace my spirit and my intuition.  No reading, but maybe a message all the same.

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