Went to see the movie Red today.  There was no redeeming qualities in this movie other than it made me laugh and I enjoyed the blowing up of things.  Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary Louise Parker… all did a great job in the movie.  It won’t get any awards for being a classic but it was a good blow up action with a quirky humor movie. 

Fortunately the movie was in regular film and not the horrid 3D.  I know that is the latest craze but whenever I watch a 3D movie it gives me a headache.  When we went to the Milwaukee museum we went to a 3D movie and ended up leaving because it was bothering me so much. 

On top of which there are studies that show it isn’t good for the development of childrens brains to view things in 3D.  Most people I talk to don’t like them.  My daughter tells me that most comments on news stories about 3D indicate that people do not like the 3D. 

Another downside for the 3D is it costs more to go to these movies.  It can cost up to $3 more (and higher in the bigger cities) to go to a 3D  movie rather than a regular one.  I know my funds are already stretched in order for us to afford a trip to the theater and if my choice is between a movie at regular price (which is too expensive) and one that costs any amount more… I’m taking the less expensive one.

Why is it then that movie makers are jumping on the band wagon to do everything in 3D?  I don’t get this – one rule of marketing is to know your targetted market.  If the targeted market is not into the 3D affects then why continue to do it? 

It appears from the one article I saw on it that after Avatar the 3D craze started to fizzle out.  So if this is truly the case why are so many movies still coming out in 3D?  I want to say to movie makers to get a clue…

2 thoughts on “3D…

  1. It's kind of like the reality show boom…some are okay but for the most part it's gotten out of control, or the horror film genre – they all seem to be in the style of either Blair Witch or The Ring, n either of which I care for…and I'm certainly with you on the 3D thing…getting used to HD is enough for these 40-something year old eyes!

  2. They see a hit like Avatar and it was in 3D so that must be why people went wild for it so they all have to jump on the band wagon. Never mind that it might have been the story, the acting or even just great marketing. I definitely don't do 3D and won't pay the extra for it. Even when I'm buying DVDs I look for non-3D stuff.

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