A Rough Chapter

Well I’ve kidnapped and tortured my characters. They’re in the process of escaping. It was a hard chapter to write. But I think it fits the story well and I hope it will lead to a better understanding between the two.

I’m not sure what time I started writing as I was busy finishing a takeover, talking to authors, and taking care of other book stuff. I think I wrote for about 4 hours! I got 5600 words written and the manuscript is 35K long!

It will be a short night but it was worth it. Next step is for them to escape and then figure out how to get back to his world. This is where I hope to create some wonderful places for them to stop and make some connections. Janine – she’s key at that. Or at least I think she will be.

Now, I’m off to bed because I have the day job tomorrow and an early morning meeting.

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