A Step in the Right Direction

About mid-week I realized the school semester was wrapping up and there were definitely some tasks around the office I wanted done before I lost all my student workers.  More than the tasks though, I realized one of my student workers wouldn’t be coming back.  Now I’ve known for a while she was graduating.  It was one of those moments though where I really took stock.

On one hand I’ll miss this person.  She’s a bright spot in my day.  At the same time, I’m very happy for her as she has gotten into the grad program she wants to be in, gotten a job which will work around her program, and will be moving on with her life.  She’s taking the next steps in her life.

My job is to let her go, to help her get to a place where she could move from this place in her life, to the next one.  While I won’t see her daily and our relationship will change, I’m still going to be available if she needs anything.

It’s the same with my own life.  There are things I need to let go of in order to move from where I am to where I want to be.  With Wayfarer Expansion, I had a hard time letting it go, putting it out to be published.  I questioned everything.  It took a solid reminder from a friend to get me to let go.

Letting go isn’t easy.  It involves trusting that what comes next will be what is needed and a step in the right direction.  Letting go isn’t always fun.  Often it involves grief for who or what we were but it also involves a step into the unknown.

This can be difficult.  We have to have faith the unknown isn’t the monster we imagine but a gift and a pleasure.  Instead of looking at the fearful side, we should be looking at the hopeful side.  No we don’t know what’s coming but there is always hope it will be better and brighter than what we currently have.

We may be closing a door on what we know but we could be opening the door on something more positive and beneficial to our path and life.  Endings are hard, usually they involve grief of some sort.  Beginnings can be hard but almost always they involve the hope we all need in our lives.  Hope to be in a better place, hope to be happier, healthier, or whatever you are seeking.

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