Last month I was neck deep in helping a non-fiction author get her stuff published, getting Wayfarer Resolve published and a variety of other tasks when my mother started a health crisis.  Sadly my mother passed away 10/12/2018.  This led to a ton of tasks when I was not at my best.  Writing got set … Continue reading Grief

Waiting for the Tears

I keep thinking I should have something profound to say, something to share which will give meaning to ... well death.  In reality, I'm so busy right now I am not sure most of the time if I'm coming or going.  I'm dealing with the latest cluster of tasks for mom. G Walter, Grace, Bud, … Continue reading Waiting for the Tears


It's a pay week so lots of errands and chores to do in the house.  About half of them are done.  Now I'm turning my attention to other tasks.  I have a lot of writing tasks to do as well as start with going through my mother's photos.  Plus I'm going to a reader event … Continue reading Grieving

A Step in the Right Direction

About mid-week I realized the school semester was wrapping up and there were definitely some tasks around the office I wanted done before I lost all my student workers.  More than the tasks though, I realized one of my student workers wouldn't be coming back.  Now I've known for a while she was graduating.  It … Continue reading A Step in the Right Direction

Grief Surrounds Me

In the last year and quarter, I've gone to six memorial services or funerals.  Lately, I've felt that's all that is left to us.  We live, we love, we die. If we're lucky, if we're very lucky, we have people in our lives who will grieve for us when we are gone.  My great aunt … Continue reading Grief Surrounds Me

Life, Life, Life

Life is what happens when you're planning your life, right?  Unexpectedly, we got to see Virginia this weekend.  It was wonderful to see her but unfortunately, she came home for a funeral of a friend's mother.  I spent my weekend running around, visiting with people, and accomplishing nothing useful.  I did get some editing done … Continue reading Life, Life, Life