T Melissa Madian

AUTHOR BIO: T. Melissa Madian is the Chief Fabulous Officer at TMM Enablement Services Inc. As a mechanical engineer, she loves taking the science of what is possible and imagining stories around the impossible. She is a storyteller, mom to a precocious cat, and auntie to her human nephew. She hopes that this book serves … Continue reading T Melissa Madian

Crimson Snow

by Ina Carter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE: Contemporary romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: The Greeks had seven words for LOVE. I felt all of them for ONE MAN… My name is Lauren, and I was a stolen baby. They found me in a trailer park in rural Texas when I was eight years old. My childhood wasn’t perfect, but … Continue reading Crimson Snow

Mail-Order Brides

Author: Debra Holland Narrator: Lara Asmundson Length: 6 hours 31 minutes Series: Mail-Order Brides of the West, Book 3 Publisher: Debra Holland Released: Jan. 20, 2015 Genre: Romance; Historical Fiction High-society lady Darcy Russell has a dangerous secret. The only way to stay safe is to flee far away and marry a man who knows … Continue reading Mail-Order Brides

Jamie Krakover

Author bio Growing up with a fascination for space and things that fly, Jamie turned that love into a career as an Aerospace Engineer. Combining her natural enthusiasm for Science Fiction and her love of reading, she now spends a lot of her time writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.Jamie lives … Continue reading Jamie Krakover


by Janice Tremayne ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:  Supernatural suspense, horror ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: An Australian Ghost town. A resident demon and a local Shaman. A confrontation with evil awaits. Clarisse realizes that running from evil is not a bad idea until you figure out you can't hide. When some ghosts get tired of hanging around, they latch onto … Continue reading HAUNTING IN OLD TAILEM


by Megan Slayer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:  Contemporary Erotic Romance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: There’s a debt and she’s willing to pay -- with her heart! Alex Malachi wants a sub, but not just any girl. He needs the right one. The moment he sees Jessie, he knows he’s found the perfect sub. He won’t stop until she’s his. … Continue reading DIRTY AND SWEET

A Bend in the River

Author: Libby Fischer Hellmann Narrator: Robin Rowan Length: 11 hours 19 minutes Publisher: The Red Herrings Press Released: Oct. 13, 2020 Genre: Historical Fiction In 1968 two young Vietnamese sisters flee to Saigon after their village on the Mekong River is attacked by American forces and burned to the ground. The only survivors of the … Continue reading A Bend in the River

The Education of Adam

R W Biga In the not-too-distant future, the State runs the entire educational system from top to bottom. It has been that way almost all of Adam's life. He has been through many different Houses of education, but this newest one, where he is set to "graduate" into the real world, is different, way different. … Continue reading The Education of Adam

Mail-Order Brides

Author: Debra Holland Narrator: Lara Asmundson Length: 6 hours 15 minutes Series: Mail-Order Brides of the West, Book 2 Publisher: Debra Holland Released: Oct. 16, 2014 Genre: Romance; Historical Fiction Mail-Order Brides of the West is a collaborative series by New York Times best-selling author Debra Holland and USA Today best-selling author Caroline Fyffe. When … Continue reading Mail-Order Brides