TK Lawyer

Why was it so hard to find a good man?

Single female seeks rare, coveted treasure.
That was the announcement Tatiana wanted to post.

A strong, loving, committed male partner was what she sought.  What she found, instead, were several frogs and too many toads.  Where was her elusive prince?  Did he exist or did she miss her opportunity?

Jasper isn’t seeking a mate. His only intention is to rescue Tatiana from a near-fatal car accident and then go- in pursuit of his next assignment.  However, intent and reality don’t always coincide.  Saving Tatiana altered his world and, now, he can’t leave.  But making introductions and claiming her heart was not going to be easy.  He has a secret he is forbidden to disclose.

As much as Jasper craves Tatiana, he can’t override her free will.  In the end, being with him or not is her decision.  Will Tatiana welcome the powerful being who adores her and only wants to protect her, forever?  Or will his secret be too much for her to accept?

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He wanted her. He needed her. These words were foreign to Tatiana, plus they didn’t make sense when coming straight out of the mouth of an angel. She could understand the want maybe, but what did Jasper need her for?

He was an angel for goodness’ sake! He didn’t need anything. But he said it was her. Hmmm.

At times, their conversation ended up in the bedroom, on top or under the covers in several compromising positions that always ended in one or both shouting in pleasure. She loved these times and she craved more of them. She was insatiable when it came to Jasper and what he offered. She wanted it all and now!

However, she didn’t want to string him along. That’s what she tried not to do but couldn’t help thinking she was doing exactly that. She kept asking herself what she needed in order to make a decision. Safety. She’d been burned too many times in the past by men leaving her and Jasper ended up being one of the shameful statistics. But he couldn’t provide her with reassurance and, as a result, she couldn’t give him an answer. They were at a stalemate, it seemed; no one was the winner, and both ended up the losers. She wanted love, she wanted commitment, but she wanted stability too.

It was time to tell him the only decision she could come up with, the one that would be the best for both of them.
She turned toward Jasper on the couch and reached for his hands. “I’ve made up my mind.”

“You have?”

She nodded.

“My sweet angel.”

Jasper smiled.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Jasper mouthed.

“I don’t want my decision to impact you being around and I don’t want to lose you as my Guardian Angel either.”

His face fell. “What are you saying?”

She drew in a deep breath. “We have a strong bond, you and I, I think, but…” Tatiana grimaced, and tears started to flow down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying? What’s going on?”

She gathered inner strength she didn’t know she had, to continue and choked out, “We’re not meant to be together.” Her hands fell to her thighs. She hunched forward and cried aloud. Jasper placed a hand on her shoulder, and she flung it off her and shook her head.

“Why are you doing this?” He shifted further toward her.

“You’re not mine. You belong to the world. Your work with the Guardian League and they—”

“Would not suffer because of us,” Jasper interrupted her. “What else are you trying to tell me? What other excuses have you come up with?” Jasper rose from the couch.

She looked up at him. “I’m not trying to hurt you.”

“Then why are you?” He splayed his hands out to his sides, palms up.

Tears streamed from her eyes and splashed onto her shirt.

“You are my mate!” Jasper bellowed. “Do you understand what that is for an angel? No, I think not.” Jasper stared at her. “I can’t do without you.”


by TK Lawyer

A wolf without a mate. A witch who doesn’t date.

Kingsley gave up on meeting his fated one until Eva walked into his life and threw him a curveball -a puzzling dilemma he doesn’t know how to resolve. Her cheery laughter thrills him, her generous curves devour him, and her scent…dear God, her scent undoes him.

Eva had given up on men, but there is something about Kingsley she can’t resist. He is persistent, driven, affectionate, and different from the men in her past.

Kingsley, the Artic Wolf won’t take no for an answer, but witches and wolves don’t mix.  Or do they?

And Eva is dangerous…

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He stared at his inn’s website page endlessly, unable to come up with any new ideas until he was interrupted by one of his staff members.
“Hey boss, is it okay if I take tomorrow off? The kids are heading back to school, and I have to get them enrolled.”
Kingsley waved his hand in the air and nodded his response. Family was important to him, and any staff member needing time to attend to family responsibilities was fine with him as long as he was adequately staffed.
One day he would have a family of his own. He sighed with the images popping into his brain. A girl, a boy and a beautiful wife stood by him on the front porch steps to his home. They were smiling, the girl holding a daisy in her hands sporting a toothy grin at an unseen camera capturing the image of their happiness forever. Eva was the beginning to his dream. Though she didn’t know it, they were meant to be together. His wife, his partner, would want for nothing. If Eva chose him, she would live a life of luxury beyond her imagination. She would be treated as a queen. No less would be worthy of his Eva.
He propped his long legs across the desk, crossing them at his ankles as he contemplated a future with his dream mate. Having only met her yesterday, still, he longed to touch her, kiss her, and share body heat with her under the covers of his bed. His wolf stirred within him, comfortable with pressing forward in the wooing and romance department with the starlet, but Kingsley’s human side knew rushing into anything with a human being would likely end up with her filing an injunction against him. Things never ended well when his impatient wolf dominated his rational human mind.
Through the years, he learned to take control of his impulsive wolf, tamping down his animal instincts to delight in softer subtleties. Women appreciated this. They understood it and most times, they fell under his spell, succumbing to his wolfish musky scent and his suave demeanor. Being a wolf had its rewards. Women were never scarce in number. They were drawn to him like bees to pollen. If he grew lonely, he only had to frequent a bar, a night club, or even a grocery store. Last night was a bit of a challenge, navigating around several horny women as he headed for the aisle filled with coffee and tea. There were apparently a lot of single hearts roaming about late at night in the most unlikely places.
Kingsley had met, dated, and bedded his share of women. Yes. But none were as divine or inspiring as Eva. All others paled in comparison. Eva was the only woman he wanted.
He inhaled deeply then exhaled, picturing Eva’s smiling face as she received the basket he left her. Not able to stick around to witness her opening the door and finding his gift, he imagined her pleased to have discovered it. If only he could have delivered it to her himself. The basket and his body—her gifts to explore at leisure and at will.
He made a high pitch whine as he imagined her hands roaming across his bare chest, her saucy smile widening with her eyes. Oh, the things he could to her. The things he looked forward to experiencing with her.
A satisfied sigh escaped his open smile as he closed his eyes, forming a mental image of his beauty. Who knew that his entire existence revolved around a single female? The fact that his fated mate was human made him chuckle. One never knew their fate until faced with it. Eva was his. Whether she accepted their combined fate or not was also in her hands. He would not force her to make a decision but wooing her in his direction, to choose him, was not beneath his standards or his capability.
He heard a knock at his door and turned to find a wide-eyed server rushing into his office, tripping over his feet to get to Kingsley. The server grabbed the edge of Kingsley’s desk and exploded in a wavelength of erratic words. “Beautiful girl, mad, at front door, wants to see you, inquiring, won’t leave.” He straightened himself and fixed his shirt, his tie askew with the commotion. “I’m sorry, sir.”
Kingsley stood up. “Who’s at the door? They’re asking about me?” Now that was strange. Who was upset with him? Was it a past girlfriend coming back to inquire if he was still single? He snorted. If so, her timing was off. However, he was perfectly content with telling whoever the female was that he was permanently off limits. He strode to the door when the server decided to describe the female.
“She’s cute in a buxom, wholesome kind of way. Long black hair, brown eyes, a pert nose… but a mouth that won’t stop asking about you. I’d say she’s five foot, two inches tall. Think Gladys told me her name is Eve or Evie.”
Kingsley’s back stiffened. He stopped in his tracks seconds before he whipped around to face the young male server. “Eva? Could her name be Eva?”
“Uh, yeah. Maybe.”
Kingsley grimaced, growling out words with sheer displeasure. “Eva is not some female!” He strode up to the server and placed a firm hand around the guy’s throat in warning. He held the server in his grip, careful not to squeeze… at least not yet. “She is not some random woman. And I don’t care for you checking her out. Leave her buxom beauty to me and my eyes only.”


TK Lawyer

A relationship was the one thing Tamara didn’t want.

Burned by men, Tamara was done with dating.  But someone keeps popping up from her past with reminders of what could’ve been.  She faintly recalls Josh, a handsome man she didn’t dare take a chance with, but the past is the past.  She shut the door on that option long ago…or did she? 

Josh’s nightly runs end at a home he is unfamiliar with.  The tantalizing scent inside calls to him, beckons him to explore and urges him to stay.  So when the owner takes him in and he realizes she’s his mate, Josh is lost as to what to do.  He can’t stay in the crazy situation and he no longer wants to remain her pet, Nightfall.  He needs Tamara, now, in his bed, permanently.

Josh will stop at nothing to convince Tamara he is the one for her.  But will she succumb to his charm and open her battered heart to a new, promising future- with him?  Or will she walk away from the wolf who wants to love her, forever?

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Josh threw his keys onto the kitchen table and then headed toward Tamara. “I’m home. I hope you’re ready because I’m taking you out.”

She poked her head out from around the corner and said, “What was that?”

Josh grinned and reached out to grab her. His soft lips molded sensuously against hers. Tingles zipped from her lips straight down between her legs, zinging desire into her most intimate of areas. Her knees weakened, and his grip tightened as she became a heavy weight in his arms. She swooned back toward the oven and had to brace herself against the counter. Her mitts surrounded and molded themselves into the base of his neck. Josh shifted them into the L-shaped corner. Then pulled Tamara impossibly closer, crushing their bodies together. Ravishing her lips thoroughly, he released her and started to walk away when Tamara slapped him playfully on the rear.

Josh turned with a growl, and she jumped back in surprise. Her rear hit the handle of the oven door and his eyes narrowed. His lips curled up into a devilish grin, while Josh eyed her quizzically, tilting his head over to one side.

“Are you trying to seduce me? Because you really don’t need to.”

She swished her hips playfully. “I’m just teasing.”

Josh snickered as he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “You little minx. You better not try that again before I get some other ideas of what to do with you.” He watched her in the ensuing silence, his eye color turning somewhat murky. His husky voice caught her off guard, almost in a growl, “Is that what you want, Tamara?”

Her heartbeat quickened. Josh looked like he was going to pounce on her at any minute without warning. Actually, his growl should have been warning enough. It reminded her that he was not all he seemed to be, and it scared her a bit every time.

Tamara backed up into the drawer behind her and he stepped toward her with a triumphant snarl. Josh gently pinned her hands between her back and the drawer, and then laid each of his hands aside her, against the upper cabinet door. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, possessively. His tongue teased and taunted her easily into submission. Tamara wriggled back and forth against the counter and whimpered. She struggled for a while, pushing her body against his strong arms and firm weight, trying to free her hands. His massive build and strength dominated her and held her body still. His grin widened, and he kissed her once more before pulling away.

He growled against her neck, the low vibration of his breath against her skin sent a wave of pleasure through her body. Suddenly, he lifted away from her with a slight tremor. “We better stop now, my sweet, or neither of us will have a chance to leave. I’d love nothing more than to ravish you, however, this evening is kind of important to me and I’ve got a reservation waiting.”


This started out as a short story. It was supposed to go into an anthology. And then it grew and grew and the characters kept telling me more and more. I realized it wasn’t going in an anthology – so now it’s a book. This is not a cliff hanger. There’s a complete story here. But the overarching plot will continue into the next book.

Book 1 Silent Death Series

by Eileen Troemel

Earth cannot grow its own food. Chemicals and pesticides pollute the soil, water, and air. Chaebul Conglomerate designed and developed space stations to grow organic food for all the people on Earth. These stations are vital to the survival of all. Who, then, would try to damage the food and space stations?

When Tree Space Station 41 has a mysterious illness hit their workers, security and management suspect sabotage or a sick out. But the workers are determined to prove they aren’t faking their illnesses. Betsy Canfield and her coworkers agree to stay working even when breathing becomes difficult. Nearly out of oxygen, Betsy realizes something is very wrong on the branch. She pulls the alarm before she passes out.

Investigator Colin Casteneda arrives on the station determined to find the truth. He has more questions than answers but with Stephanie Vaccaro, a top toxicologist, and his team, he will find the answers. When he sees Betsy, his ex girlfriend, he knows he will do anything to protect her. She may have left him to work on the station two years ago, but he never stopped thinking about her.

What kind of monster tries to sabotage the only source of Earth’s food? Can Colin, Betsy, Stephanie and his team stop this monster before the food supply is destroyed? 

Club Wonderland – Sinner’s Playground book 8

by Jupiter Dresden

Club Wonderland is my escape, taking me out of my comfort zone of being the shy, innocent girl. Here, it doesn’t feel like work, even on the hardest days.

As the bartender, I’m the one they spill their secrets to, even the darkest desires they don’t dare tell anyone else.

One night, a mysterious woman appears at the club, whispering things in my ear. Sins that are more unspeakable than what we do at Wonderland. The more she whispers the more I want to join her.

My name is Candi Martel. I don’t know how much longer I can resist my sins.

End Game

by GA Mazurke

I give this book a 4 star review

Let me start by saying – I don’t like sports and I’m not thrilled with first person books. Having said that, I enjoyed this book. Mazurke did a good job of staying true to the first person POV. Liam and Gracie’s story is funny, engaging, and worth the read. Muzurke takes over six hundred pages to develop her characters who are flawed and interesting. Gracie is a ball buster hiding her hurt and vulnerability. Liam is a jock with a heart who’s been traumatized. The book starts erratic jumping through time in these two people’s lives but quickly settles into a solid story where the couple come together with both hiding their feelings. It evolves into a complex love story which I could not put down.

Rhapsody in Black

by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

A different kind of cozy…

Elena del Carral has been invited to dance at a Gala Performance by none other than Derek Michaels, founder of the world-renowned Terpsichore Ballet in New York City. She’s also been invited to audition for Black Rhapsody, the unfinished ballet from the late choreographic master, René Fauchier. Delighted, Elena accepts the invitation, knowing this performance will enhance her career, not only as a principal dancer but also as an up-and-coming choreographer, as well.

But Elena holds a secret, too, one which revolves around Black Rhapsody itself. Unfortunately, no one warned Elena, when she arrived in New York, that her revelation would spark a chain of events that would involve attempted murder and finding an almost dead body in the rehearsal hall.


“Ah. Stop the press. The prodigal returns. Time to kill the fatted calf.”

Oh, hell.

Elena recognized the mockery and voice immediately. Justin. Justin Bakare. Ex-lover, conniver, exploiter, and all-around son of a bitch…

“I see the years haven’t changed your sunny disposition,” she said, her voice dripping with a slight touch of venom. “Praise just gushes out from your viper tongue, as always.”

“And I see your bitchiness hasn’t improved in five years,” Justin responded, throwing his ballet duffle on the floor.

Kane’s Reckoning

by JR Bryers

When Emily Snow travels to Scotland to meet handsome entrepreneur Kane Blackwood, she had three objectives.
Return the man’s painting.
Have a holiday.
And see the sights.
It was a dream come true, a chance of a lifetime. And one she couldn’t pass up.
After meeting the devastatingly attractive businessman in person, however, she realizes that Kane Blackwood, with his dark, good looks, and sexy Scottish charm, was everything she looked for in a man.
But when secrets are revealed that shatter her entire existence, can she accept the past, and embrace a destiny that had been foretold long ago?
Or should she walk away forever…?

Club Wonderland – Whispers in Wonderland book 7

by Alyndra Quinn

You are hereby invited to an exclusive gathering…

Don your mask, embrace your darkness, and follow your consuming desires to Club Wonderland. Here imagination meets sensation, innocence melds with experience, and all tastes are permitted.

Consent must be explicit and freely given without exception.

Join us in our place of wonder to test your boundaries and find out how far you are truly willing to adventure.

Authors Note: We have something for everyone to enjoy, but we suggest that you check each author’s blurbs for your preferred level of steam. Please be aware that these stories may have triggers… proceed with caution.

Club Wonderland – Mine book 6

by Ava M Taylor

Welcome to Wonderland

Annabel Rouch is a self-made billionaire. She’s 42 and been divorced three times. Her only daughter has left for college and she’s alone in her home for the first time since her daughter’s birth. She’s strong, take charge and she finds men being in charge laughable.

Nicole Bennet dominates men. She makes them bend to her will and she makes them pay. When she meets Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller she knows they are hers to use and benefit from. She just needs them to sign her slave contract. She wanted them under her thumb.

Friends and millionaires Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller prefer to have a woman direct them during their intimate times. They’re smart men who have come a long way in their professional lives but their personal lives are missing something.

Two women want these men to submit to them. Which of them will earn their loyalty?