Balancing My Life

Stephanie flew in last week for her college class reunion.  She is spending a couple days with Ken and I before she flies back home.  This means that I’ve probably driven nearly a thousand miles in the last week with picking her up from the airport, taking her to her reunion, and picking her up from the reunion.  Some of the family stopped in yesterday to chat with her and get to see her. 
This morning she is off spending time with a friend and I’m home all alone.  I love having her visit but this alone time gives me a chance to work on whatever I need to work on.  I find myself balancing all the different aspects of my life. 
This morning I’ve approved time sheets for my day job, downloaded some music, and will be working on writing things shortly.  Once Stephanie gets back then my focus will shift to enjoying my time with her. 
Balance is a hard thing to achieve in life and to be honest there are times I don’t feel very balanced.  About the time I think I’ve achieved some sort of balance something gets thrown into the mix to change things.
Lately my focus has been all about writing whether I’m working on writing, marketing, production, doesn’t matter.  I’ve been very focused on writing.  This weekend I’ve stepped back from that because Stephanie is here.  This is what being balanced is about.  When Stephanie goes back home, I’ll focus more on my writing and other aspects of my life.   

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