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Everyone is talking about the election results.  I’m tired of the election all the way around so one small commentary and then moving on to other things.  Disappointment is the easiest emotion to express.  I’m disappointed in our country, disappointed in the people who I think are better than this.  The results did not surprise me at all but at the same time I had a little hope.  The hope was dashed and now we have to deal with what we have.  There needs to be some serious restructuring of our elections process but until we get people in who actually represent the people it won’t happen.  I think we will see a serious downturn in our lives.  I think changes will be made which will be detrimental to our country and our membership in the world society.  Like many other people, I’m appalled and concerned about our future.

On other notes, in the small town where I have my day job there was an apartment building fire last night.  The complex has 107 apartments.  I haven’t seen the damage.  I’m hoping they are able to relocate people and I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the entire complex.  Here are some links to the story:

I was talking with my middle daughter who said by the way… so I went looking.  I texted all my student workers to see if any of them lived in the apartment complex.  None did thankfully.  I spent a good chunk of the night being curious about what happened and found little information on it.  There’s more out today but I may have to take the long way home and drive by there.

It was sort of funny as I was talking to my middle daughter I kept referring to them by who used to live there.  She hadn’t a clue who I was talking to.  The different references for both of us are interesting.

Last night I spent most of my time paying bills, doing the prep for a birthday gift for my oldest daughter, and putzing on the computer.  Tonight will likely be more crocheting.  I think I pulled a muscle in my back and leg so have been dealing with added pain.  It makes it hard to sit in one position and crochet.  If I can’t crochet, I’m going to try clipping coupons and making a grocery list.

It’s pay week again so this weekend will be errands and hopefully finishing up holiday gifts.  I’m not holding my breath on the last bit as I have a lot to do yet.

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