It’s the Little Things

Friday I asked my husband to help me with a couple of things this weekend.  He never said yes or no, because that’s how he is.  Saturday while I was chatting with my daughter and my sister, plans were made for me to go to craft shopping with my sister and mother.  It gave me two hours to get the prep done on the next set of projects I’m working on and get lunch.

Ken went in the craft room and started putting the suitcases away.  He didn’t come back out, I thought he was waiting for me while I was on the phone with our middle daughter.  I told her I had to go but she wanted to keep talking so I went in the craft room while on the phone with her.  Ken was sitting in one of the chairs in there waiting on me.  He had put away all the bins which had been out for the suitcases.  He had brought in the bins which I’d gotten from a friend.  He’d put all the books which had been on the table on the shelves for me to go through and he’d put the bags of left over projects in one place under the table.  My habit is to gather a few projects and work on them in the living room and the left overs – extra skeins or balls of yarn go in a bag.  When I’m done, I’ll take the bag back and put them away.  I’ve been so busy with making, I’ve not been putting them away.

On the table he had all the items I needed.  He spent a good half hour with me picking yarn, getting the projects organized, and carrying them all out to the living room for me.

Later in the day, he put my favorite lounge around the house jammies in the bathroom for me.  It was thoughtful and sweet.

Now today he did the grocery shopping.  When I came out to do the Ibotta and Checkout 51 stuff, he helped me get it organized.  While he was shopping he found a breakfast thing for me to try rather than going out every morning.

He’s been on the ball with all these little things.  He’s not so great at the big gestures but on a daily basis he does a lot of little things which make my life easier and better.  He’s thoughtful and sweet.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no one else who can annoy, frustrate and tick me off faster than my husband.  However, it’s all the small things he does which have kept us married for more than 35 years.

It’s the little things – if I’m going to be philosophical – that keep us going together.  It’s the holding hands, the help on the projects, and other little things which keep us appreciating and loving each other.

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