Sharon’s Submission

Sharon’s Submission

Behind closed doors, Brent and Sharon have shared a secret and elaborate fantasy life revolving around Bondage and group sex.

Each weekend they would live out one of their bondage scenarios in the privacy of their bedroom. This weekend had been Sharon’s turn as submissive, and she was eager for the night to begin. That is, until a chance storm stranded two of their longtime friends at their home threatening her night and their secrecy.

In her wildest dreams Sharon never thought she would live out the private dreams she’d shared only with her husband. Then, this fateful weekend with two of his friends would change their lives forever.

The question now isn’t, how far will she go…. Now it is how much further can she go?

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Sharon’s Punishment

On the surface, Brent and Sharon are a typical mid-west couple. Married, settled, and content.
Behind closed doors?

They explored anything they wanted – the kinkier the better. They made their sexual fantasies come true. This weekend was supposed to be like no other. Sharon was desperate to live out one of her favorite bondage fantasies. She needed to be punished.

That is, until a chance storm stranded two of her husband’s friends at their house.

How kinky were Sharon and Brent willing to go?

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