Cell Phones and Checkout People

One of the responses I got from my last post said she knew it wasn’t a safety issue but that she thinks it is RUDE to be talking on your cell phone when you are at a check out counter.  I have to say I agree.  You are either being rude to the person on the phone – making them wait while you check out – or you are being rude to the check out person.  They are trying to provide you with a service and you should be paying attention to them.  Perhaps it is just rude all the way around.

Additionally, you should be watching as they check out your items.  Sometimes the items don’t ring up with the right numbers.  It has happened to me and I’ve stood there and said “Excuse me but that isn’t the right price.”  I know it annoys people in line and even the checker but I’m not going to pay more for something than it was posted. 

My daughters have called me while they were shopping to chat or to ask questions about things they are shopping for.  I’ve called them while they shop – just as a coincidence.  When it comes time for them to check out, they always hang up on me and call me back later.  I like that better than if they made me wait while they checked out. 

My time is valuable and the person on the other end of your phone call probably feels the same.  The checker’s time is valuable too.  So let’s hang up those phones while in the check out line and put a smile on our faces while we have some personal interaction.

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