Last Sunday I came down with the flu.  It knocked me on my bum for a few days before I went back to work.  Wednesday I went to work and came home feeling wrung out.  My normal schedule is busy.  I work my day job and come home and do either crocheting while listening to audio books or writing.  This last week I’ve done nothing.

Ken goes to bed early, normally I pick up something and work on it.  This week, I’ve done nothing more than watch HGTV.  Now I’ve enjoyed Property Brothers and Income Property and a couple of other shows.  Last night I realized how bored I was just sitting in my recliner and watching tv.  Friday night I called different people to chat but they were busy.  I realized the reason I was reaching out was because I’d accomplished NOTHING all week.

Yesterday was a busy day with grocery shopping and taxes.  It was a frustrating day working on taxes but they are done and hopefully I won’t have to think about them for another year.  Ken and I were wiped out after doing our taxes.  We watched Babylon 5 and the new Librarians show.  Both were enjoyable but by the time he went to bed I was restless.

This morning my plan was to get up and hit the computer with production of a short story.  Unfortunately, I woke up with a leg that decided it wanted to be cranky.  I’ve spent the last hour and half checking emails, playing on pinterest, and now writing this blog.  In that time, the Tylenol has had a chance to go to work and ease some of the issues I was having.  I’ll be hitting the other computer to work on production today.

I’ve got a long list of things I want to get done today – production of short story, three manuscripts to edit, crocheting to do, and more.  I know I won’t get through all of it but I will make a start on it.

It hasn’t been a completely unproductive week.  I upgraded my cell phone to a smart phone and this week I’ve gotten to know something of what the thing can do – I like some of it and most of it I don’t care about.  I’ve rested and recuperated which I obviously needed.  Now though my brain is crying out for more to do than watch tv.  It’s time for progress to be made on other things than the recovery from the flu.

Technology has its uses….

I wrote last night till nearly one in the monring.  I finished yet another chapter.  This morning I had to be up to leave the house at 7 am so I set my alarm and got up.  Fortunately it is the weekend so I don’t have to dress up or anthing. 

The morning was gray and gloomy.  It seemed to fit my tired and somewhat growly morning mood.  While I had the radio on as I drove I wasn’t really listening to it.  Last night I ended my chapter and it was good but it wasn’t great.  It wasn’t quite what I wanted and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted – that’s part of the reason I stopped writing. 

As I’m driving along not really thinking about anything, my story pops into my head.  I’m thinking about what I want to happen next in the story – thinking about the next chapter, which characters will go where, what the next phase is.  My mind keeps going back to the end of the chapter.  I can’t seem to let go of the ending of the chapter.  Then an idea pops into my head that is BRILLIANT.  It is the PERFECT ending to the chapter and sets up a great transition. 

I’m picking up my friend and her daughter.  I am waiting for them in the parking lot.  I don’t want to forget my idea so I pull out my cell phone.  I open up the note pad section and write the ending to the chapter.  Ridiculous I know but still I did it.  Then I email myself the next two or three chapter ideas I had…

Granted I had my journal with me and I could have written out all of this but it would have been in my journal which is not where I want this type of writing to be.  I know this may sound contrary to my last two posts but this was a good use for technology and I wasn’t rude to anyone in the process.

Cell Phones and Checkout People

One of the responses I got from my last post said she knew it wasn’t a safety issue but that she thinks it is RUDE to be talking on your cell phone when you are at a check out counter.  I have to say I agree.  You are either being rude to the person on the phone – making them wait while you check out – or you are being rude to the check out person.  They are trying to provide you with a service and you should be paying attention to them.  Perhaps it is just rude all the way around.

Additionally, you should be watching as they check out your items.  Sometimes the items don’t ring up with the right numbers.  It has happened to me and I’ve stood there and said “Excuse me but that isn’t the right price.”  I know it annoys people in line and even the checker but I’m not going to pay more for something than it was posted. 

My daughters have called me while they were shopping to chat or to ask questions about things they are shopping for.  I’ve called them while they shop – just as a coincidence.  When it comes time for them to check out, they always hang up on me and call me back later.  I like that better than if they made me wait while they checked out. 

My time is valuable and the person on the other end of your phone call probably feels the same.  The checker’s time is valuable too.  So let’s hang up those phones while in the check out line and put a smile on our faces while we have some personal interaction.

Put Your Electronic Device Away…

Getting in my car tonight at the end of a busy, dificult working day, I watched as a woman walk between two cars with her focus on her cell phone.  She stepped out into the traffic area without looking to see if there were any cars there.  This is a busy parking lot full of cars and at a time when many people were leaving.

I get that people are busy.  I get that sometimes we have to answer these phones.  Here is the thing, if you get hit by a car because you weren’t looking that call, email, text or whatever you’re looking at won’t make a bit of difference. 

Check your cell phone before you walk out the door and then put it away.  I know that sometimes you have to answer the phone when you are driving but really for your own safety put the phone down while you are walking. 

No Electronics

I just read a news article about a woman who turned off her and her children’s electronic for six months.  She felt their lives were too dependent on all of the electronic devices in their lives.  So she took away ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, television, etc.  One daughter disliked it so much she moved in with her dad for part of the time.  The mom did allow the kids to use the items away from the house but her house was a no electronics zone. 
I could give up the tv and probably the cell phone (though I don’t have a house phone), video games without a problem.  I could not give up my computer without huge issues.  I know that when I get together with one of my daughters her cell phone is like an extension to her arm.  It is always on and within reach for easy access.  This is fine most of the time but there are times that I just want her undivided attention and don’t’ get it.
The ironic thing is my other daughters have done they – hey we are eating dinner here – when the cell phone rings for me or my husband.  They seem to have the same aversion to it as I do but don’t see it in themselves when they do it. 
How long could you go without your cell phone or other electronic devices?