Last Sunday I came down with the flu.  It knocked me on my bum for a few days before I went back to work.  Wednesday I went to work and came home feeling wrung out.  My normal schedule is busy.  I work my day job and come home and do either crocheting while listening to … Continue reading Booooring!

Technology has its uses….

I wrote last night till nearly one in the monring.  I finished yet another chapter.  This morning I had to be up to leave the house at 7 am so I set my alarm and got up.  Fortunately it is the weekend so I don't have to dress up or anthing.  The morning was gray … Continue reading Technology has its uses….

Cell Phones and Checkout People

One of the responses I got from my last post said she knew it wasn't a safety issue but that she thinks it is RUDE to be talking on your cell phone when you are at a check out counter.  I have to say I agree.  You are either being rude to the person on … Continue reading Cell Phones and Checkout People

Put Your Electronic Device Away…

Getting in my car tonight at the end of a busy, dificult working day, I watched as a woman walk between two cars with her focus on her cell phone.  She stepped out into the traffic area without looking to see if there were any cars there.  This is a busy parking lot full of … Continue reading Put Your Electronic Device Away…

No Electronics

I just read a news article about a woman who turned off her and her children’s electronic for six months.  She felt their lives were too dependent on all of the electronic devices in their lives.  So she took away ipods, cell phones, computers, video games, television, etc.  One daughter disliked it so much she … Continue reading No Electronics