Technology has its uses….

I wrote last night till nearly one in the monring.  I finished yet another chapter.  This morning I had to be up to leave the house at 7 am so I set my alarm and got up.  Fortunately it is the weekend so I don’t have to dress up or anthing. 

The morning was gray and gloomy.  It seemed to fit my tired and somewhat growly morning mood.  While I had the radio on as I drove I wasn’t really listening to it.  Last night I ended my chapter and it was good but it wasn’t great.  It wasn’t quite what I wanted and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted – that’s part of the reason I stopped writing. 

As I’m driving along not really thinking about anything, my story pops into my head.  I’m thinking about what I want to happen next in the story – thinking about the next chapter, which characters will go where, what the next phase is.  My mind keeps going back to the end of the chapter.  I can’t seem to let go of the ending of the chapter.  Then an idea pops into my head that is BRILLIANT.  It is the PERFECT ending to the chapter and sets up a great transition. 

I’m picking up my friend and her daughter.  I am waiting for them in the parking lot.  I don’t want to forget my idea so I pull out my cell phone.  I open up the note pad section and write the ending to the chapter.  Ridiculous I know but still I did it.  Then I email myself the next two or three chapter ideas I had…

Granted I had my journal with me and I could have written out all of this but it would have been in my journal which is not where I want this type of writing to be.  I know this may sound contrary to my last two posts but this was a good use for technology and I wasn’t rude to anyone in the process.

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