Cram It All In

The weekend is here and it is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, right?  Not this weekend.  I’m up early and helped one daughter with her taxes.  Next I have a business call in a little over an hour.  In between, I’m hoping to upload some of my patterns I just published to Ravelry and get a few other things done.

I’ve got this business meeting call and then I have a bunch of other things I want to get done.  I want to finish off typing up the patterns (four of them) which I want to publish.  I have to put all of them on Ravelry.  I should get the edits for Wayfarer 10 entered on the computer and work on the cover.  Some of my test readers liked and some didn’t.  I should work on prepping stuff for doing my own taxes.

I have so much bouncing around in my head right now it is crazy.  I need to take a breath, make a list, and prioritize.  Because in addition to all these things, I also need down time.  This last week was stressful for work and next week will be as well.  I just need to take a breath and do what I’m able.  The rest will get done in time.

I’m back to several crochet projects I want to try in my head on top of all the other things going on.  I need to figure out what I can get done and just let the rest go.  In my head right now, I’m laughing at myself because this is definitely not something I’m good at.  In my head, I’m hearing – publish 4 more crochet patterns, work on poncho and fleece / crochet mitten pattern, marketing, organize tax stuff, edits and cover for 10, write 11, write Defenders 3 – get moving and get stuff done!!

The other part of me is saying one at a time.  I can only do one of these at a time and I need to make sure I get enough rest and calm so I am ready for work next week.  I need to have that balance or I throw my health into a bad place.  So I’ll cram in what I can but try to remember to breathe and keep moving forward one thing at a time – hopefully.

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