Whiskey Lullaby

Keren Hughes

Salvation can come from the unlikeliest places.

Brent Ryder is sick of the limelight. Struggling to write, struggling to sing from the heart when his heart isn’t in it, life on the road is taking its toll.

Widow, Caleigh Flynn, hasn’t looked at another man since her husband died three years ago. Feisty and strong-willed, Caleigh is happy spending her time looking after her son and serving a side helping of snark to her regular customers at Da Vinci’s Lock. Until the newcomer arrives.

He’s not staying, just passing through. Incognito Brent wants to write the album that will revive his tired heart. To do that he must stay off the radar, but Caleigh could be the one who calls him out. While small town life grows in its charms for them both, time no longer seems to be of concern, but secrets can find you no matter where you hide and the truth always has a way of finding its way out.


“Ouch. That’s a hard no for that guy then?!”

I don’t answer right away, so he speaks again, sending shivers through me with the sound of his gravelly voice.

“Seriously, what was it about that dude that made you swipe left so hard?”

“Nothing in particular, I just—”

And that’s when I turn around to get a good look at who I’m talking to.

My heart feels like it’s going to fall out of my ass. I didn’t take a very good look at the guy on the screen, but now I’m staring at the guy behind me, I just know it’s the same guy I just swiped past.
“I-I … I just don’t swipe right,” I finish awkwardly.

I feel my skin flush profusely. I don’t know what else to say, so I’m sure I look like a goldfish as my mouth opens and closes.

“Then may I inquire as to the point of being on such a dating site?” he asks, a puzzled look crossing his face.

“Oh, umm … well … my mother. She constantly moans at me about finding a nice guy. But I hate internet dating. It doesn’t give you much of an impression of the guys. They umm … well, they mostly just want to hook up and I’m not that kind of girl.”


7 thoughts on “Whiskey Lullaby

  1. LOVED this book! It had me humming along to the songs mentioned, and the writing was fantastic. Looking forward to more from this author.

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