Down time…

I’ve been sick with a cold  It has been miserable.  I get to feeling better and I try to do stuff but my energy is just non-existent.  So yesterday I decided I was NOT setting my alarm and sleeping as long as I wanted.  I wasn’t going to do much of anything.  It was going to be a mental and physical health day. 

Surprisingly I slept till after 10.  After helping put away groceries and running a few errands with Vicki, I camped out in my recliner.  I watched a movie (Letters to Juliet – sweet and romantic), a dvd of the 5th season of Criminal Minds (the eyeball episode was almost too much) and a bunch of shows on the DVR. 

While camped out in my recliner, I crocheted baby bibs for some of the people I know who either have a new baby or are going to have a new baby in their lives soon.  I want to finish the one I’m working on and make one more of those.  Then I’m going to swap over to a baby afghan for a friend’s son who will be a father soon.  Then I’ll be moving back to Stephanie’s afghan…

Today I’ve already made a supper for one night this week (just needs baking) and lunch for today.  Lunch is large enough that we can have left overs for lunches this week.  Once I get back the recliner, I’m going to watch a couple of movies and more on the DVR.  While I do that I’ll work on the crocheting things above…

Am I really getting down time here? 

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