Easy Sunday

Sunday I spent with Ken.  We watched movies and did very little else.  He picked me up some rope so I could try out a crochet technique, which I started last night.  It wasn’t the right size for the project I want to do but it gives me an idea of whether I will like the technique.

In the morning, I made microwave caramel which turned out pretty good.  I think I want to tweak the recipe a bit.  I also got coleslaw ready for lunches this week.  Ken made chicken on the grill for me and brats for him.  I had mine with munster cheese and canadian bacon.  It was quite good.

For supper, we had tacos.  Mine were grilled chicken and his were left over ground turkey.  It was quite good.  I wrote a scene in Wayfarer 10 and knew I wasn’t going to write more. I needed to do something different.  I worked with the rope to see how it would work up with this technique.

There was nothing big done but it was a good day.  We got a few smaller things done and enjoyed each other’s company.  One of those quiet and easy Sundays.

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