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Author Bio

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi lives in the European Union, Romania. He has a regular job working as an IT engineer. He writes books in his spare time. His goal is to become a professional writer. His dream is to see at least one of his books turned into a movie. Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi started writing books since August 2016, because he loves the Science fiction and Fantasy genre.

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi is a consumer like everybody else, meaning that he has read books, watched movies and played video games. One day, he decided to create his own Sci-Fi universe. Therefore, the Starship “Apple of Discord” project was born. This is a space opera and Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi finished the first three volumes on November 11, 2017. Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi will write more volumes, because this saga isn’t finished yet, and he plans to write other Sci-Fi and Fantasy books too.

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi now needs to find a professional publisher for his space opera Starship “Apple of Discord” and the rest of his books. Any help would be appreciated!

Tell us about yourself.

Hello and thanks for having me!

To begin, my full name is Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi, friends call me Andrew.  I was born in August ’77, so I chose my nickname ACE977.

I live in the European Union, Romania – you know the country of Dracula and the former World Tennis Associations number 1 ranked, Simona Halep.

I work as IT Engineer. My goal is to become a professional writer. My dream is to have one of my books turned into a movie.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Once I was a consumer of books. Also I watched movies and I played video games, but one day I decided to create my own Sci-Fi universe. I started writing in August 2016, having in mind this consumer experience.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I read mostly science fiction and fantasy books, but I like other genres too, excepting horror.

My favorite Sci-Fi books are:

Roadside picnic by Arkadi & Boris Strugatsky
The Men in the Jungle by Norman Spinrad
Dune by Frank Herbert

My favorite Fantasy books are:

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
Rune Swords by Clayton Emery and multiple authors

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

I don’t depict gore or porn scenes in my book therefore any teenager or adult can read them.

What is your current release or project?

My current W.I.P. is a Sci-Fi novel called The forsaken colony. I also strive to finish the fourth volume of my space opera Starship “Apple of  Discord”.  I finished the first three volumes on November 11, 2017 and I will write more, because this saga is not finished.

Tell us about the key characters

The science fiction novel The forsaken colony is not ready yet, so I prefer to tell you more after I will finish it this autumn. Both the standalone novel The forsaken colony and the space opera Starship “Apple of  Discord”depict alien worlds, advanced technology, alien civilizations and cultures. I present space and ground battles in my action scenes. I populated these books with villains and benevolent characters: aliens, warlords, dictators, traders, scientists, artisans, space pirates, colonists, travellers, soldiers, kings and princesses. I carefully carved out these two distinct Sci-Fi universes and I hope the readers will fall in love with them.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Here are the hook lines for all my books:

The Restoration – A reptilian species uses the time travel as a weapon to enslave other civilizations. An android is not content about the present and tries to alter the past.

SS Vagabond (not published) – In a distant dystopian future, Captain Edward Turner is struggling to survive, transporting goods and passengers with his freighter, SS Vagabond. Eileen, the second in command and Edward’s lover, urges him to accept a risky yet lucrative mission to Mars. What could go wrong?

Starship “Apple of Discard” (unpublished) – The Galaxy would not be the same, after the kidnapping of an alien crown princess.

Share an excerpt

This is from my first science fiction book, The restoration, which is avalaible on Amazon at only 99 Cents:

CHAPTER 1 An unfortunate experiment

2017 A.D.

System Undamaan owned by an alien species,

940 light years away from Earth

Ixtli, one of the two continents of Planet Undamaan

               There were only two employees in the hotel’s reception office at that late hour. One was a male and the other a female of the same humanoid alien species. The males of this species had variegated marbled skin with nuances of forest green and big violet eyes, and the females had a sapphire blue color and shiny, topaz-like eyes. They had already worked continuously for fifteen Earth days and were due for a break, but the employees for the next shift could arrive only after the terrible snow storm ceased. When the aliens observed the lift moving to the ground floor, they rushed from their high-tech office. The two aliens approached the precious polished wood front desk that was filled with various objects. All of the aliens who saw them thought that these objects should be in a museum of history for common people. Only a millionaire from Earth could afford such luxuries as these.

               A human emerged from the lift carrying a heavy backpack. The man wore an earflap cap and a long, synthetic fur jacket over a plain shirt and jeans. He was sweating profusely, but that was all that he could afford to buy from the colony’s bazaar.  The two alien employees looked at each other and giggled.

               “Good evening!” the man said joyfully. “Oh! I almost forgot.”

               He mimicked the salute the club’s bartender had given him when he had stopped by there earlier.

               “Greetings… Adam!” the alien male read from a discreetly camouflaged display. “How may I help you?”

               The tour company the aliens worked for did not allow them to use advanced technology in front of the customers to preserve an authentic experience. Adam approached the front desk, searching for a bell, but found none. He was disappointed, so he asked, “Where is it?”

               “What are you looking for, sir?” the alien woman asked Adam.

               “You know… That thing that sounds when you hit it.”

               “I am sorry,” the confused alien asked, “but I don’t know what you are talking about. Can you give me more details?”

               “Never mind.” Adam told her. “It was just a desk bell.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

Books are like children, so you can’t have favorites.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Write, publish, repeat.

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