Energy to Write!

It’s the weekend! It’s been a long week and the hardest part for me – finding the energy to write. I want to write but my mind shuts down after a long day of work and then family and then having an hour or so to write.

Tonight, my family stuck around later than I expected but I still added about 1600 words to my story. I love where the story is going. I love what’s going on. I can see the next several chapters and I want to just write all day and all night.

My hope is after I pay bills, set up a takeover, and do several tasks on my book to do list, I’ll have the energy and time to work on this story.

Right now, I know what the next chapter will be. I can see the scenes in my head like a movie playing – I just need to write them. Unfortunately it’s almost midnight and my eyes are saying no more. I’m off to bed with the hopes I get more done than I expect.

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