At approximately 12:30 last night there was a lot of pounding and noise next door.  I called the police only to be told that there were already police on site.  The reason police were on site – they were busy executing a search warrant for drugs on my annoying neighbors.  They arrest five people according to the Janesville Gazette.  http://www.nbc15.com/news/headlines/Drug_Investigation_In_Janesville_136255153.html
These people have been scary, annoying, and just bad neighbors.  We’ve known for a while that they had to be drug dealers.  People would come to their house; go in for five minutes; and come out again.  The entire neighborhood has been frustrated and upset by the residents in this one house.  The rest of our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. 
Hopefully these arrests will calm the neighborhood down and stop the nightly noise.  Not holding my breath on that though…

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