Writing Progress

Finally time to work on my writing.  Yesterday I worked on prepping my manuscript for publishing.  I got part way through it.  I was easily distracted though.  I found out I got A’s in both my classes officially as my grades posted.  I also had to deal with some work issues and running errands with Vicki.

Today though I’m up when no one else is around and I’m hoping to get some good work done.  First I have to pay bills which won’t take long I hope.  Then I will turn back to prepping my manuscript. I have some questions about ISBN numbers and a few other things.  Once I get those answered I’m hoping the process won’t take too long and I’ll be having a book available on kindle shortly. 
Alternatively, if the process does get too complicated I will turn to a company that comes highly recommended and isn’t horribly expensive to help me out with it.  So I have alternatives to consider as I’m working through the process.
I’ve also gotten some submissions done so I’ll probably work on those as well today.  I still have a large stack of places I can submit to.  One submission package went out in the mail yesterday but mostly I do them online.  They just take time to find the right pieces for the publications and getting it prepped the way the publication wants them.

Before my to-do list gets any longer I’m going to move on to one of the items on it and get busy.

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