Freaked Out to Swamped

Monday we had a house full of people.  It was nice to sit and chat about everything.  We grilled out and filled our tummies with goodies and filled our soul with great companionship.

Tuesday was not such a good day.  I knew I had to be out of the house early so I was up early.  On the verge of leaving when I went to set my bowl of milk down for the cat.  I almost had it on the floor when it fell out of my hand and spilled everywhere.  The cat was thrilled she helped clean it up nicely.  However, it threw me off schedule.

I’m driving to school and I get almost into town and there is a train blocking traffic.  I sit in the extra-long line of cars thinking about alternate routes and realizing I should just stay put.  I pick up Alicia because we ride share on Tuesday and Thursday.  I get to class and I’m feeling rush, behind schedule and nervous.  In the classroom they have these small chairs with desks attached.  Now I’m a large woman.  I try sitting in one and realize I’m going to end up leaning into the desk for an hour and fifteen minutes. 

I enjoyed my class mostly.  Okay I was in pain the entire class period because of the desk.  More than the pain level though I was a bit freaked out by the class.  I made the mistake in the morning of looking at the list of work for my other class. 

I had that moment where I thought HOLY SHIT what have I gotten myself into?  I talked to Vicki and she smacked me (figuratively) and made me realize I could manage all the balls I’m juggling. 

Tuesday night I sat down to organize myself.  I read through syllabi and started homework.  I got a list and got organized.  I have five books for two classes.  I have two binders and a pad of paper.  I’ve got a system in place and think it will work nicely (I hope).  I did my first writing assignment (which I’m refining and editing – again).  I’ll turn that in either tonight or tomorrow.  I did my first quiz and didn’t fail miserably. 

Thursday in class I took part in the discussion and felt I added to the quality of the discussion.  I stayed up way too late working on homework but I think I’ve got a grasp on things – for now.

I’m busy but maintaining.  This weekend I plan to get all the things on my to do list for homework done and maybe even start on the next set of reading.  I at least don’t feel like the material is beyond me.  I know I have the ability to do the work.  Now it is just a matter of hunkering down and getting the work done…

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